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PRINT FROM ANY DEVICE You can print from any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with/without an Internet connection PRINT PHOTOS AND MORE Print text, hand-writing, photos, pictures, stickers, and even secret messages on different types of paper such as white paper, color paper, or sticky paper. PERSONAL PAPER MESSENGER MEMOBIRD can send and receive paper messages. You can add your own personal touch in every message you send to your loved ones.

NO INK NEEDED MEMOBIRD doesn’t need ink. Since MEMOBIRD is a thermal printer, you only need to replace the thermal paper. As simple as that.

EASY TO USE To receive a paper message, MEMOBIRD doesn’t need to be connected to any device nor does a button to be pressed. After setting it up, just wait and see the new messages coming.

LIGHT & PORTABLE MEMOBIRD is as big as an apple and as light as your wallet. Just plug MEMOBIRD into your powerbank, and you’re good to go.

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